Andrew Christenson

Fond Du Lac County Judge





Primary election February 16th

General Election April 6th


My judicial philosophy is straightforward; I believe judges should call balls and strikes, apply the law, and not legislate from the bench.

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- Andrew Christenson

About Andrew

Scott Walker
“Andrew Christenson is highly respected by his peers, the defense bar, and law enforcement”
- Gov. Scott Walker

Andrew Christenson was born at St. Agnes Hospital and raised in Fond du Lac, and his parents still live in the same house as when he came home from the hospital. His mother is a former elementary school teacher for the Fond du Lac School District, and his father is a physician who sees patients for Agnesian HealthCare in Fond du Lac and Waupun.

Christenson attended Lakeshore Elementary School, Sabish Junior High School, and Goodrich High School in Fond du Lac. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and his law degree from Case Western Reserve University in Ohio.

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Before law school, he interned with former Congressman Tom Petri. During the first summer between the academic years of law school, he clerked for the Honorable Peter L. Grimm.

After law school, Christenson returned to Fond du Lac and started working at the Fond du Lac County District Attorney’s Office. He became an assistant district attorney in 2008 and worked for District Attorneys Michael O’Rourke, Dan Kaminsky, and Eric Toney.

In 2014, Governor Scott Walker appointed him to the position of District Attorney of neighboring Green Lake County. As Assistant District Attorney and District Attorney, Christenson handled a wide-ranging caseload of criminal cases: intentional and reckless homicide, sexual assault, robberies and burglaries, drug delivery, animal mistreatment, and drunk driving. He also handled cases in civil court: asset forfeitures, children in need of protection or services, termination of parental rights, county ordinance violations, and traffic ordinances. Being a district attorney allowed Christenson to work directly with law enforcement, present cases in court, advocate for the best interests of children, and bring justice to crime victims.

Christenson has spearheaded more than 35 jury trials and filed more than 15 legal briefs in the court of appeals. Law enforcement officers, opposing counsel, crime victims, and judges have all complimented his work in the courtroom.

Christenson is dedicated to protecting the safety of our communities by sending the most violent and dangerous criminals to long prison terms. However, prison is not always the answer. For people who are not violent and whose crimes are motivated by addiction, a possible answer is treatment through drug court. Drug court programs hold people accountable and protect the public without the expense of prison terms. He has been part of a drug court for more than seven years, and he was a member of the drug court team in Fond du Lac County when it started.

If honored with the voters’ approval, Christenson looks forward to bringing his experience on Green Lake County’s drug court back to Fond du Lac County.

gavel    District Attorney, Green Lake County, 2014-present

gavel    Assistant District Attorney, Fond du Lac County, 2008-2014

gavel    Green Lake/Ripon-Area Bar Association (past president 2017), 2014-present

gavel    State Bar Association of Wisconsin, 2007-present

gavel    Spearheaded more than 35 jury trials and filed more than 15 legal briefs in the Court of Appeals

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Law enforcement’s choice

Checkmark Icon  Bill Wallner, Ripon Police Chief

Checkmark Icon  State Rep. Alex Dallman

Checkmark Icon  Howard Stibb, Town of Ripon Police Captain

Checkmark Icon  Honorable Peter L. Grimm, Fond du Lac County Circuit Judge and former DA

Checkmark Icon  State Senator Joan Ballweg

Checkmark Icon  Renee Schuster, Chief of Police, Oakfield


I’m endorsing Andrew Christenson for Judge because of his dedication to public service and his commitment to keeping Fond du Lac County families safe. I’ve worked with Andrew and he is fair, experienced and exceptionally well-versed in the law. Andrew will make a great judge on the Circuit Court.

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- Bill Wallner, Chief, Ripon Police Department

Checkmark Icon     Bill Wallner, Ripon Police Chief

Checkmark Icon     State Rep. Alex Dallman

Checkmark Icon     Howard Stibb, Town of Ripon Police Captain

Checkmark Icon     Honorable Peter L. Grimm, Fond du Lac County Circuit Judge and former DA

Checkmark Icon     State Senator Joan Ballweg

Checkmark Icon     Renee Schuster, Chief of Police, Oakfield


I enthusiastically endorse Andrew Christenson for a seat on the Fond du Lac Circuit Court. Andrew is a dedicated public servant who has the right experience, intellect, temperament, and attention to detail to be a Judge. He has proven himself to be a tough yet fair prosecutor, and he will make a great addition to Wisconsin’s court system.

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- Judge Peter L. Grimm

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